Next-2Digits kick-off in October in Athens, Greece

October 17, 2023

On 17 October 2024, the consortium met in Greece at the National Technical University of Athens to start the Horizon Europe Project Next-2Digits. With 11 partners from 8 different countries, the Next-2Digits vision is to create the next generation of sensors and imagers enabled by 2D materials digital integration, in particular, of Graphene.

Next-2Digits‘s objective is to establish wafer-scale heterogeneous integration technologies for 2D materials in the next generation of PICs and OEICs, validated through practical use cases at TRL5.

We aim to demonstrate the universal vision of the project on three different applications which will contribute to the fields of sustainable and efficient environmental monitoring and medical diagnostics:

  1. A LiDAR-equipped drone, compact, reliable, and cost-effective, that can map with high precision the surrounding environment.
  2. Greenhouse gas sensors that can provide realtime and accurate data on emissions in biogas plants, aiming towards sustainability and energy efficiency.
  3. An on-chip Polarization Diversity Receiver for optical coherence tomography, enhancing biomedical (and more specifically, cardiovascular) screening resolution and reliability.

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